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Extravagant Eyewear

As we wait in vain for the summer sun to blaze down on out naked eyes we’ve been looking into eyewear that will protect and astound.

This morning H&M announced their colleaboration with woman-about-town style-maven Anna Dello Russo who has hit the headlines this week thanks to her candid interview with the Financial Times. With a personal tag-line of ‘Fashion is a muse - it will never end’ it is pretty apparent as to why H&M have called upon Dello Russo to help spruce up their accessories ranges.

Only one image has been released so far, but it is pretty clear that Dello Russo’s love of the OTT has been allowed to shine through. Notable pieces look to be the use of aqua in clutch bags and of course, encrusted crocodile sunglasses.

The range will be available from October, but in the meantime we’ve been looking to fashion editorial heavy-weight A. Morir for inspiration.

Dinah $280

Lena $320

Melanie $430

(our favourites) Vaughan, $360

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