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Louis Vuitton & Marc Jacobs at Les Arts Decoratifs, Paris

Of course, we all know that Louis Vuitton means grandeur. Under Marc Jacob’s helm we’ve seen a huge transformation, breathing new and innovative life into the leather luggage company. Marc Jacob’s has been known for his antics – (notably wearing a knee-length, lace, transparent frock to the NY Met Gala this week), so it was great to visit Les Arts Decoratifs to appreciate the mastermind behind the bravado.

The exhibition was split over two floors, with floor one acknowledging and appreciating the origins of the Louis Vuitton family business before its absorption into LVMH in the late 1980’s. Technique, craft and focus on the best quality materials saw Louis Vuitton enduring as the go-to luggage supplier for the most part of the 20th century.

The second floor, in a paradox to the first is brash, image heavy and unapologetic. Starting with a room serving as a visual mood board of Jacob’s biggest inspirations. From Vivienne Westwood to Mariah Carey and beyond it was easy to stare in awe at the great references to pop culture.

The rest of the exhibit of course concentrates on the clothes, the collaborations, the events and of course, the accessories with a high point being the wall of Louis Vuitton bags. This was a popular hang-out spot for gallery goers, who just longed to touch the bags within the glass box!

For me the most interesting part of the exhibit was actually the curation, with dresses and looks being places intimately and thoughtfully – keeping the viewer removed but allowing a very thorough detail examination.

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