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Menswear Ones to Watch: Joseph Turvey

Joseph Turvey was put under the spotlight at the A/W 2012 Menswear Ones to Watch show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout in London. Having recently graduated from the London College of Fashion with an M.A. in Fashion Design Technology, Turvey has since received much attention for his bold use of striking illustrations and unconventional menswear materials.

The collection’s array of optic portrait illustrations created a visually cohesive formality to Turveys designs. From a selection of Sheer t-shirts with statement textured fluro tangerine and fuchsia stripes, masculine trenches in Mango and persimmon with feminine-esque lace detailing placed on the back to a statement fluro fuchsia two-piece and cap in lace.  Whilst the portrait illustrations of a boy were used widely on a number of separates from popping fuchsia trousers with matching tee to our particular favourite a yellow gingham tongue-in-cheek matching two-piece. We were instantly smitten by Turveys ability to create an instantly recognisable and individualistic menswear collection.

So we chose to speak to Joseph Turvey about his collection and inspirations among other things.

Could you tell us about your design process and inspirations?

The main inspiration for this collection was the documentary Grey Gardens. Years ago I was introduced me to the documentary and the two Edies have stayed with me ever since. Their amazing attitude towards life astounded me and I wanted to try and capture that in the collection. Little Edie has a distinctive style and is an endless source of inspiration. This prompted me to look at all the unconventional style icons that I admired. Hattie Jacques, Margaret Rutherford, David Attenborough are just some of those icons. Their ability to wear amazing clothes in their own individual way no matter age, size or shape was a true inspiration to me.

How would you describe the signature Joseph Turvey aesthetic?

I think my design aesthetic is an ordered chaos. The final product looks clean and wearable but the print, fabrics and techniques used all unconventional and challenge traditional menswear. My main focus has always been to maintain wearability yet still maintaining my creativity.


What sort of person do you design for?

I design for people who enjoy fashion. I want to try and push menswear further in the way womenswear designers have done for years. Men are a very difficult market to change. Having said that I have had such a great response to the first collection from men and women of all ages who want to buy pieces.

Where do you look for your inspiration for each collection?

With each collection I like to look at my own personal icons. My first womenswear collection was inspired by the original Miss Marple, Margaret Rutherford. I find discovering the history behind a person can lead my design process into new and interesting areas.


You recently studied menswear MA at the London College of Fashion; how much of an impact did it have on your design process? And how did the transition from womenswear to menswear come about?

London College of Fashion has had a massive impact over my design process. The course teaches you to research thoroughly and have a solid design methodology behind a collection. Our tutor wants to change our mindsets from students to professionals and we achieve this with amazing tailoring lessons that push our technical and pattern cutting to new levels. It was the reason why I joined the course and I was not disappointed. Menswear was never really an option for me. I have never designed a dress before and my tutor at LCF pointed this out to me during my interview and before I knew it I had been accepted onto menswear. I love it.

Your collection is incredibly distinctive how do you see the next collection evolving?

I have already started the research for the next collection and I have some interesting ideas I want to explore. I think there are still areas of my first collection I want to explore. The prints were a key aspect of the last collection and I know I want to develop this in to the next season.

What’s next for Joseph Turvey?

I will be showing my next collection in June during Men’s London Fashion Week. 

To see more of Joseph Turveys illustrations then visit his LCF showtime page here.

Photographs by The London Style Journal

llustrations courtesy of Joseph Turvey

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Vauxhall Fashion Scout: Menswear Ones To Watch


Vauxhall fashion scout has announced the ones to watch line-up for London fashion week A/W 2012-13 which takes place on February 22nd.  Chosen by a panel of judges that include stylist supremo Katy England, I-D Magazine editor Holly Shackleton, Vogue UK’s Jessica Bumpus and designer Marios Schwab.

Julian Zigerli

The awarded menswear designers include Bodybound a label created by central Saint Martins grad Kim Choong-Wilkins who has previously worked with labels like Alexander McQueen and Ermenegildo Zegna, Joseph Turvey who recently received an M.A. from the London College of Fashion and has been championed for his experimental aesthetics of mixing textures and digital prints, Julian Zigerli who studied at the Berlin University of the Arts and has a particular fascination with the construction of the garments using innovative and traditional Swiss textiles to creative innovative menswear silhouettes and lastly Frank Phillips who has studied fashion at the University of Huddersfield and has worked with labels from Anna Sui to Topman.

Joseph Turvey

Whilst the catwalk will offer the chosen designers the opportunity to showcase their A/W 2012-13 collection during London fashion week, they will also be offered designer business support and sponsorship opportunities. We can’t wait to see what this season’s ones to watch will offer.

Visit for more information on the A/W 2012-13 schedule and designers.

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